Thursday, August 16, 2012

Livie Isla Braswell
I want to extend our deepest appreciation for everyone's support, love, and sincere expressions of sympathy throughout our journey with Livie.  I find it very touching and beautiful that I am still receiving picture tributes for Livie, and it is a sweet reminder that Livie will always be with us.  We are grateful to everyone who has made a donation to Sustaining Grace or March of Dimes in Livie's honor.  We are also thankful for, and overwhelmed by, all of the family and friends that came to Livie's service to help us celebrate her life, show her our love, and say goodbye.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Livie Isla Braswell

Livie Isla Braswell was born at 6:23 am on Saturday, August 4th.  It breaks my heart to say that labor was too long and difficult for Livie to survive.  I had so much hope that I would get to look into her eyes, if even for a brief moment, and tell her how much I love her.  I know that she felt loved, because she was surrounded by mommy, daddy, family and friends.  Livie is absolutley gorgeous, and I am completely in love and in awe of her.  I will never forget how it felt to hold her.  I thought the hardest part was going to be leaving the hospital, but I was wrong.  The hardest part is being at home, and knowing that Livie should be here with me.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Livie Isla Braswell

Livie's Story:

I am currently 8 months pregnant with our second daughter, Livie Isla Braswell. Around 5 months, we were told that Livie has a severe, and fatal birth defect, and that if she does survive birth, she will only be with us for a few minutes to hours. Although we are devastated and heartbroken by this fact, we have made a conscious decision to stay positive and celebrate her life now. We really want Livie to "experience" and "see" things and places that she will never have the opportunity to experience and see. We believe we can accomplish this with the help of our friends and family through The Livie Project. It is my hope that in this way, we can openly enjoy and cherish every second we have with her now. We are extremely grateful to our good friends and family who have given us their love and support.

The Livie Project:

To celebrate Livie's life, and as part of her memorial, we have created The Livie Project. A good friend of mine planted the seed for this project when she traveled to Florida and wrote Livie's name in the sand next to the water. With that thoughtful action, she unknowlingly gave us a wonderful gift. We are asking our family and friends (and friends of friends, and their friends) to take the time to create something very special for our little girl. When you find yourself somewhere beautiful, like the ocean, or a lake, or the mountains, or a park, or anywhere that you believe someone else should also see, we ask that you "write" her name, Livie Isla, in the sand, or with rocks, or leaves, or flowers, or anything you can think of. We would love for you to take a picture and send it to us so that we may use it in The Livie Project. It is also our wish that Livie get to "experience" all of the things that we all enjoy, but that she will never have the chance to experience. Maybe you hike, or kayak, or travel, or ski, or run, or whatever it is that you love to do, if you could find a way to "include" Livie in that experience, by holding a sign with her name or whatever you can think of, we would be forever grateful! The love, support, and connecting of people is how we want to celebrate and memorialize Livie's life.

You may email me Livie's pictures or add me on Facebook and upload them there.


There are no words to match my gratitude to all of you who have taken the time to create such beautiful and thoughtful tributes for Livie.  Your compassion and selflessness is truly moving and my family will be forever grateful for all of these special pictures and keepsakes.  Through your kindness and selflessness, you have given us the gift of joy and happiness during this extremely grievous time.  The Livie Project will be used to start a memorial foundation, in Livie's honor, to support mothers who receive a poor or fatal prenatal diagnosis.

With lots of love and gratitude from us,
Megan, Craig, Ryndee, and Livie